NC State's Coastal Dynamics Design Lab brings to you this Revised Floodprint for

Public Comment Period May 4th - May 21st 

Give your comments in this Google Form or email them to coastaldynamics@ncsu.edu

All information below is background information yielded from the Public Input Session in February. If you have questions, reach out to coastaldynamics@ncsu.edu

Download this file to see the proposed Pollocksville Floodprint Plan that is now open for public comment until May 21, 2021! Comments can be provided by clicking on the indicated weblink at the top of the first page OR by emailing: coastaldynamics@ncsu.edu.

Revised Floodprint 

Additional background information containing the posters and voting results from the Public Input Session (held in February 2021) are also available in the same file. Thank you for your input!