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General Questions
When is the Water/Sewer bill due?

​​​​​​All bills are due the 15th of the month. Any bills arriving or paid after the 15th will be charged an additional 10%. Thanks for paying on time. 

How do I pay Property Taxes or look up Delinquent Taxes?

All Pollocksville Property Taxes are handled and collected by the Jones County Tax Department. Pay your Pollocksville Property Taxes along with the County Property Taxes. The County will redistribute the taxes back to Pollocksville for use in maintaining our infrastructure and improving our town. Thank you for contributing. 

My water bill is high because of a leak. I repaired the leak. Is there any bill relief?

If you found a leak and are suffering a rare expensive bill, first verify the leak with the water supervisor. Then speak to the Town Clerk who can grant an adjustment to one bill during a twelve-month period. Bring proof of repair, such as a receipt from a licensed plumber, to the Town Clerk.

You will pay your average water bill + half of usage caused by the leak. 

My water was disconnected because of an unpaid bill. What happens now?

You must pay your bill to have your water reconnected within one business day. To have the service restored immediately, there is a Standard Reconnection Fee of $40.00.

How do I contact the Town?

Call 252-224-9831 or email admin@townofpollocksville.com

Or Call Mayor Jay Bender at 252-636-9131